starbuck scully

sometimes i think about the way hannibal looked at abigail in the last scene of “revleves” and i just want to fall over and die because no matter what happens in the season finale—whether he kills abigail or not, it’s gonna fucking hurt him. what we saw was not a man about to kill off a threat, we saw a man absolutely drinking in someone he loved, someone he cared about in his own sick, twisted way, and i’m wondering if we’re going to see hannibal cry. he was the most honest with her in the last moments of the episode, and i believe he delivered that last line not to abigail but to misha—-of course we haven’t heard anything of his past so it’s only the people who’ve seen the movies/read the books who understand the significance of his relationship with abigail, but i’m so concerned: are we doing to watch him kill someone who, for all intents and purposes, he sees as his sister?

either way i’m going to cry a lot

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